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Z-Category Security Providers

The Best Z-Category Security

Living in developing country like India is big concern especially if proper security measures are not opted. This is because of a high increase in graph of crimes and thefts had been noticed from past few years. In India, security is provided to those people who have high level of risk in their life by police and local government.

The security may be categorized into four tiers which are Z+, Z, Y, X depending upon the threat perceiving to the individuals. The personalities under the Z-Category includes Cabinet Ministers, Chief ministers, High court and supreme court judges, leading politicians and senior bureaucrats and royal class family people. Mean while lets discuss in brief about types of securities:

  • Z+ category is high ended type of security that evolves cover of 36 Personnel.
  • Z category security is type of protection that involves security cover of 22 well trained and experienced personnel.
  • Y category is safety provided with 11 personnel who are physically fit and well equipped to handle any kind of attacks.
  • X category is security cover of 2 personnel that are well trained in handling any kind of security issues with equipments like licensed guns.
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