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Security Equipments

Advance Security Equipments

To avoid any faults in security services, we at Secura Security provide a number of advanced security equipments. These help in meeting the level of protection requitext-red to tackle all kinds of threats to life and property at homes, offices, public places such as hospitals, markets, malls, hotels, restaurants, parking, etc. Our security equipments are designed with advanced technology and passed all kinds of checks tests before being delivetext-red in your hands.

Complete Protection Comes With Equipments Of Security

As said above security without security equipments seem incomplete and worthless. We also deal with providing various products to cater all your security needs.

CCTV Camera – Closed Circuit Television Camera is one such device that projects live videos of all ongoing incidents taking place. It comes in very small size that can be installed in offices, shops, streets or at any place to keep watch and get hold of any unwanted incident such as theft.

DFDM – Door Frame Metal Detector is another product that can be set up at the entrance of any multiplexes, office buildings, hotels, malls and even railway stations or at any crowded public place. It quickly detects metal and restricts unlimited number of passers-by to carry any arms and ammunitions that can pose threat to people's lives.

HHMD – Hand Held Metal Detectors are other kind of metal detectors that detect even the tiniest of metal or electronic items. It prevents carrying metallic devices where it is not intended to. It can be used either at public places such as airports, movie theatres, offices or any highly protected zone.

Under Vehicle Detection Mirror – Under Vehicle Detection Mirror can be used at public parking zones near markets, malls, offices, hospitals or any high security zone parking to detect presence of any explosives or bombs implanted under the vehicles.

Security Equipments Specifically For Your House

Door Phones – The door phones can be attached to doors at entrance of any residential place i.e. apartments, bungalows, villas, buildings, and bungalows to allow communication between the visitor outside the door and home dwellers. The equipment is integrated with electronic entry systems that give power to people inside the house to allow or restrict visitor into the house by getting the audio or video of the visitor.

Home Alarms – Home alarms can be installed at houses to keep you safe and secutext-red all the time. The equipment is in-built with electronic intrusion detection system that detects any unwanted intrusion into the house and informs you by ringing the alarm. The home alarm rings without failure so that you become alert of any fraudulent act by thieves and criminals and can counteract.

Get 24X7 Support With Secura Security

So if you reside in Delhi, NCR region you can contact us any time to get the above mentioned advanced security equipments at your door step. For more information you can follow the link: or mail your queries at Email: or reach us on phone at +91-8882812345.